Monday, 26 January 2015

My Jar Of Good Things

As it heads towards the end of January you can normally guarantee that I will have broken every single New Year's Resolution that I made at the start of the year. This year is different and I want to make an effort to stick to one of my resolutions as I have been doing so far! Of course I made the usual promises to myself that haven't happened (unless getting green peppers on my takeaway pizza counts as healthy eating) but I did make a resolution to do something that I have actually been really enjoying.

This 'something' is my 2015 jar of good things. It doesn't get any more complicated than the name to be honest, all I am doing is recording any time that I do something fun or meaningful by jotting it down on a pretty pink post it note and popping it in my jar. The aim is to do this throughout the whole year, documenting the little things that happen to me daily. I'm hoping that I will be able to look through the jar at the end of the year and remember things that happened that I might have forgotten about otherwise. So far I have just been writing down anything that has made me smile - from a luxury spa day with my mum and sister to finding a packet of doughnuts in Tesco for 1p (possibly the highlight of my year so far). I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and maybe even carry on in the future!

How is everyone else doing with their New Year's Resolutions? Is there anyone else out there doing anything different this year?


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