Thursday, 29 January 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #2

Thursday has rolled around again (yay - the weekend is almost here my friends!) and therefore so has the time for me to tell you all about my favourite things this week...

1) Ed
For those of you that don't know, Ed is my boyfriend and today is our anniversary. Now I'm not one to get soppy at all (Ed says the most romantic thing I ever did for him was go fishing with him and be brave enough to touch the fish and the maggots) but I had to write something about him today because of the significant date! We have been together for four years now, seeing each other almost every single day until last September when I moved away to Nottingham. It has been really hard for both of us but we're still going strong and even more determined to make the most of the time that we do get together. And to be honest, he's just the best.

(Ed - I know you hate PDAs but surely this has to be more romantic than me holding a cod for you?)

2) Five Guys
This burger haven from the US has just opened some chains in the UK, with one in Leeds where I am most weekends visiting uni friends and Ed. We went last weekend for a friend's birthday and it was fantastic! The thing that got me most excited were the refillable drinks in crazy American flavours (I drank so much strawberry Sprite that it must still be running through my veins) and the free peanuts (not something normally associated with a burger restaurant but I just love anything that's free). The burger and chips were good too but nothing special, although I have been to 90% of the burger places in England so I might be a bit of a snob. My friend Hannah and I had wanted to go for ages and suggested it to the group, and although everyone enjoyed it I don't think they were quite expecting an amped up fast food place for the fairly expensive prices. I would definitely go again though even just for the amazing range of drinks, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys American style dining.

(Lol that I have written so much more about Five Guys that about Ed)

3) Bingo
I seriously love bingo. No guys, I didn't turn 70 this week - I just went to a proper bingo hall for the first time with the girls from work and had a great time. Admittedly, we were the youngest there but it was perfect for a fun and cheap night out. I'm normally a bit of a social leper on week nights, favouring my pyjamas and bed over going out. It was just exciting for me to actually leave the flat! Saying that, it was realllllly exciting to have the prospect of winning anything from £10 to £250,000 just from stabbing my pink pen at a number sheet! None of us won a thing but we had a good time all the same and I can definitely see us going back for another session.

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