Thursday, 5 February 2015

These Are A Few of My Favourite Things #3

It's that time of the week again my lovelies...

1) Everyman Cinema in Leeds 
Do you like films? Do you like going to the cinema to watch films? Do you like going to the cinema to watch films, then get really uncomfortable half way through and wish you were lying in bed with Netflix? This is where the Everyman Cinema steps in. I went to the one in Leeds this weekend with my boyfriend to watch American Sniper. The film was excellent but what really made it was the interior of the cinema. When you first step in it feels more like a bar than a cinema and you can order takeaway pizzas and alcoholic drinks to take into the film with you. We had just been to TGIs for lunch so we didn't order anything but next time I definitely will! But the most unique thing about this cinema is the fact that the seats are two person sofas! They are so comfortable and have loads of cushions to snuggle up to if you don't feel like cuddling up to the person that you go with! It really feels like you are in the comfort of your own home which I loveee. This specific chain of cinemas has a few around the country but I know there are different chains too such as The Screening Rooms which offer a similar cinema experience. Although you pay around £5 more than your average cinema ticket, I think it is really worth it for a treat.

2) MAC Lip Pencil in Beet 
This one is a ViviannaDoesMakeup induced purchase, and one that I am so glad that I now own. I have been wearing it nonstop, including to work which is unheard of for me! I embarrass myself so much at work when I am supposed to be professional that I shy away from anything that could potentially cause me more humiliation (like smearing red lipstick all over my face). That leads me on to the best thing about this lip liner - I wear it all over the lip as a matte lip stain and it does not budge. You can blot and reapply for a super long lasting finish but generally the initial coat is enough to last you through the entire day (and my days always involve A LOT of eating and drinking). I love that you can enhance the shape of your lips with the precise tip and the warm berry tone would be flattering on every skin tone. A new must have in my collection.

3) Hearts
With Valentine’s Day coming up, I seem to be drawn to buying anything heart shaped. I never normally buy into Valentine’s Day and you won't see me buying the cheesey lovey dovey stuff (I have got my boyfriend an incredibly rude card this year) but I am loving all the heart shaped stuff that is in shops at the minute. I keep buying pretty heart shaped decorations to hang on door handles (I have over five now and I live in a tiny flat that doesn't even have five doors) but my favourite purchase has been this I Heart Makeup Blush Heart in Queen of Hearts. Yes it is a bit of a gimmick and yes I bought it to look pretty on my dressing table but it also creates a pretty pink highlight on the cheeks, perfect for the incoming spring months.


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