Monday, 16 March 2015

Beauty Bits That Multi-Task Better Than Me

Soap and Glory Concealer, Max Factor Crème Puff Blush, Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush

One of my favourite things about buying makeup is finding different ways to use my new beauty bits. I love doing this because I’m such a bargain hunter and I love finding new ways to use products that may not have worked for me initially to get my money’s worth! Here are my top three of these marvellous multi-taskers and how I use them…

I bought this product when I first started working at Boots and the early starts every morning were a bit of a shock to the system. Coming from my uni days of barely being able to drag myself out of bed for a 10am lecture to getting up at 6am every day took its toll and my worsening dark circles were proof of this. Instead of going to bed earlier like I should have done, I bought this dark circle concealer in an attempt to cover up my problem instead of trying to fix the cause of it (story of my life – am I right?!). As you can see from the swatch, this product did not work for me as a concealer as it is very sheeny with fine glittery particles so instead of covering my dark circles, it drew attention to them! However, I have started using fake tan a bit more as we are coming into the warmer months and I have found that this works beautifully as a golden highlight on tanned skin. This beautiful warm toned highlight paired with bronzed cheekbones and fresh skin makes me feel super summery even when it is still cold and rainy outside, which is a mini miracle in itself!

Everyone has been going crazy for these blushers recently as they are a great dupe for the beautiful Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. These drugstore blushers are very similar to their Hourglass cousins with the silky finish that they leave on the skin and the beautiful two-toned swirls of colour in each blush pan. The Max Factor blushes come in six shades and I picked up the lightest shade as I do with most products due to my pale skin. However, as I mentioned above I have been wearing fake tan recently and the shade ‘Lovely Pink’ has been far too pale for me to use as a blush. Instead of applying this blush directly to the apples of my cheeks like I normally do, I sweep this product just above my cheekbones. This brightening blush works perfectly as a subtle rose gold highlighter that gives a unique pinky toned glow. I feel like my skin looks very radiant when I wear this as a highlight, like I’ve just stepped inside from a long cold walk and my skin is subtly more pink and youthful than usual.

This is my favourite multi-tasker of the bunch. I bought this last summer when the craze for creamy blushes started like it does every sunny season when natural and dewy base makeup comes back into fashion. However, I made the classic mistake of purchasing this product because of the hype instead of thinking about how it would look on me. I have very oily skin and creamy products tend to melt off my face but I caved and bought it anyway! I tried it and sure enough, my cheeks looked like a Slip ‘N Slide by the end of the day which is never a good look and so it was stashed away in my drawer of makeup bits to pass on to friends/to try again at a later date/that I should probably throw away but can’t bear to. When I was bored one day I was going through this drawer looking for some makeup inspiration when I spotted this little blush pot and thought it was a lip balm. When I applied it with my finger, it went on like a dream and created a just-bitten-natural-bright-pink (it is hard to describe the colour but the photo above gives a good idea!) tint to my lips. I’m obsessed with it now and use this on more of a regular basis than most of my lipsticks! I really recommend this product guys, and for those of you that don't suffer with oily skin this will be even better for you can use the blush as intended and as a beautiful lip tint too.

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