Thursday, 5 March 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #5

So guys it's Thursday and we all know what that means. Roll on the weekly favourites...

1) Meeting Pixiwoo
Excuse me while I fangirl. Yesterday I met my internet role models and I'm still not over it. I'm sure you all know the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube so they need no introduction but if you don't know who they are, I urge you to click the link above and watch one of their videos - I guarantee they will instantly cheer you up. Anyway, I got to meet this gorgeous duo this week at an event at work where the girls were showcasing their new (incredible) Bold Metals Brush Collection with Real Techniques. The pair gave up their time to have a meet and greet session with lots of us Boots colleagues and gave some lucky people a chance to try out the new brushes. My friend Emma and I had a lovely chat with them about Sam's new kittens for a good few minutes and took lots of photos (I am in the photo above, I just had to crop me out so that Sam and Nic could both fit in!). It was so refreshing to see that they were exactly the same in real life as they are on camera, and I am so happy for them with this new launch and everything that is coming for them in the future - they deserve it!

(Also, I wrote them a letter to thank them for being the most motivational and inspiring makeup gurus and Nic posted this photo of it on Instagram - I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to me that they appreciated what I had written. Definitely made my week!)

2) Mini Eggs
Most years when Easter rolls around, I am the first person in line to buy a bag of these beauties. This year I completely forgot about them until this week when I opened my suitcase after returning from the weekend to find a bag of these that my boyfriend had packed me as a surprise. It was a really sweet gesture and as soon as I opened the bag, the smell transported me back to my childhood. It has to be said, the smell of mini eggs might even be better than the taste! And I'm really loving them this year because I'm sure my bag had about three times as many mini eggs in than usual, I think I may just have to buy another bag to see if it is the same... All in the name of product consistency testing of course.

3) Fruity Ice Cubes
This is an idea that I got from one of the many healthy instagrams that I follow in the hope that one day they will inspire me to eat better (big contrast to the previous favourite!). The recipe that I followed suggested crushing fruit into ice cube trays and freezing them to make cold and refreshing additions to water. However, I am not a fan of bits floating in my drinks so I knew this wouldn't be an option for me. I just like to eat the ice cubes by themselves when I get in from work as a sweet pick me up. That may sound a bit strange but these ice cubes are an ideal snack because they taste just like sorbet and my heart ice cube tray makes perfect bitesize portions. I have been using passion fruit and strawberries which both work well as they are quite sweet fruits so they still taste good when frozen. If you don't have an ice cube tray, just chuck some grapes in the freezer for an equally delicious frozen snack.


  1. this is such a lovely post idea, also your blog header is so cute! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thanks Amy! They are some of my favourite posts to write, I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and see what I was loving every week :) of course I will xx


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