Thursday, 12 March 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #6

It’s time for the weekly roundup once again…

1) Brazilian Barbecue
If you have never heard of this style of eating, you are not alone! I had no idea what ‘Brazilian Barbecue’ cuisine was before my boyfriend suggested going to Fazenda in Leeds for our anniversary meal. You may remember that our anniversary was back in January so why bring this up now? We actually didn’t get to go for our anniversary meal until this week because we didn’t realise how popular this restaurant was – you have to book at least six weeks in advance for Saturday night tables! It was so worth the wait though guys. It was unlike any restaurant that I have ever eaten at and I already want to go back! There are no menus as it is all you can eat and the waiters bring the food to your individual tables so you don’t need to get up (always a bonus). This is not one for vegetarians as the only food that the waiters brought over to us was different cuts of the most succulent meat (including fillet steak) that we have ever eaten. They carve these meats for you at your table and you can eat until your heart is content – my boyfriend in particular really loved it! And a great feature of the restaurant is the stop/go cards that you get given at the start of the meal which indicate to your waiter whether you would like more meat or not so that you won’t feel pestered! I would really recommend this cuisine for a fun style of eating with genuinely delicious food.

2) Marble Print
So my obsession with Nouvelle Daily means that I now also have an obsession with marble print as they often use marble as a background in their photos. I have a theory that any object looks at least 30% more expensive/chic when pictured against a marble background – seriously. I am aware that I am sounding slightly mental now but the reason that I am mentioning this is because I picked up loads of gorgeous French Connection toiletries this week PURELY because of the marble print lids. I have no idea what the products inside are like (I got a body scrub, body lotion and body wash) but at least they look pretty on my bathroom shelf. My next marble purchase might have to be this marble print iPhone case – what do you think? (I definitely can't afford it but a girl can dream!)

3) The Outdoors
I was brought up in the countryside and completely took it for granted for the entire 18 years that I lived there. Since I moved to Leeds for uni and now Nottingham for work, I really appreciate the time that I get to spend at my family home in the beautiful Cotswolds. Although I was in Leeds this weekend, my boyfriend really enjoys fishing and has recently found a lovely village with a lake just outside of the city where he goes to fish. He forced me asked if I would come with him this weekend and although fishing isn’t really my thing, it was really nice to get away from the city fumes and spend some time outside. That being said, I feel like this one visit was enough to last me for a couple of months as I do love living in a bustling city centre (if you are wondering why - Domino’s don’t tend to deliver to villages in the country, enough said).


  1. Cute post. I love the outdoors too. Can't beat a good walk.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. Thank you! Yeah definitely, especially when you are used to being in the city xx


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