Monday, 13 April 2015

10 Things All Makeup Lovers Will Relate To

Because it's a hard life being a makeup lover, am I right guys?

1) Every time you wear eyeshadow, you feel like you have created the most beautiful face artwork the world has ever seen. Then you proceed to mess it all up with smudges of liquid liner and/or mascara.

2) A 'quick' trip to Boots is never actually quick. Three hours later you finally re-emerge with a bag the size of a baby elephant and pink swatches covering every available inch of skin.

3) You will own at least one lipstick that you love so much, it has been moulded into a weird shape that perfectly fits the curve of your lips.

4) You are always the girl that everyone relies on for powder and lipstick touch ups on a night out. This means that you are regularly in mourning over the many Rimmel Stay Mattes you have smashed by dropping them on nightclub floors and the MAC lipsticks that you have accidentally abandoned in the toilets.

5) You are subject to a never ending never ending dilemma - always wanting more makeup and never having enough space to store it.

6) Your makeup is your pride and joy and you like to keep it immaculate - it is probably stored in clear Muji drawers so you can show off your beautiful collection. However this immaculate nature does not apply to your makeup brushes. Cleaning brushes is the bane of any beauty lover's life, and you will do anything to avoid washing your set. 

7) You have tried to recreate adventurous makeup looks from YouTube videos and have failed every time. 

8) You will own several unflattering nail varnishes from the years of keeping up with nail trends. Although you know you will never wear that mustard yellow shade again, you keep it for the memories. Throwing away any makeup item is sacrilege after all!

9) Makeup is so essential to you that when you pack for a week away, you will have at least 10 different lipstick options with you but no room for your toothbrush or deodorant.

10) On the days when you spend hours perfecting your eye makeup, you always manage to get something in your eye. This is not just the minor inconvenience it is for most people as you have to weigh up what is most important - having perfect makeup but with a really itchy eye or resembling a panda for the rest of the day.


  1. Ah! I LOVE this post, all of them are so true and relatable! xo

    1. Haha I thought it was time to put all my makeup rants in a post! Glad that someone else feels the same xo

  2. Haha I love these. I usually try to copy YT tutorials and think I look great but cameras always tell a different story to my mirrors :,)

    1. Haha so true! I once bought a foundation from a YouTube recommendation and it had loads of glitter in it - I was walking round like a disco ball for days before I realised!

  3. Such a relatable post! I had a giggle xx

    Eva ||


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