Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Travel Bucket List

Hello everyone! As you are reading this, I am on holiday in Cyprus with limited access to internet so I am writing this post in advance. Thursdays are usually when my weekly favourites go up but as I can’t predict what I will be loving next week, I thought I would write a different type of post today. I have recently been thinking a lot about travelling as I want to take a year off after I finish university to see the world before I get into a full time job and have no time to do anything (as you probably can tell, I am starting to feel slightly depressed about leaving uni and the fact that I will actually have to do something with my life!). So today I have decided to give you guys a quick run down of the top ten places in the world that I want to visit, which is quite appropriate timing seeing as I am on holiday at the moment. See below for my Travel Bucket List…

Staying in one of the beautiful white villas that look out over the equally beautiful blue sea on the cliffs of this Greek island would be the perfect relaxing holiday.

The Maldives
I feel like this would be the ideal honeymoon destination for any couple who loves being in the water, it would be incredible to stay in one of the huts on stilts above the ocean or even in one of the underwater hotels.

I really want to do Thailand properly at some point in my life for at least a month. The Full Moon Parties, street markets, scuba diving opportunities and Thai cooking classes would be some highlights for me.

New Zealand
I kind of just want to visit New Zealand for the stunning landscapes. I’m not sure what there is to do there (apart from the world’s biggest bungee jump) but I would just love to see the beautiful environment.

In contrast, there about a million attractions that I want to see in Amsterdam. This place would be great for a quick city break packed full of activity.

I have actually already been to Iceland but I would love to go back. Swimming in the natural hot springs at the Blue Lagoon was one of the coolest things I have ever done. I would also love the chance to climb a glacier again and to see the Northern Lights.

I bet this one is on a lot of people’s bucket lists but I would love to go to Peru. Specifically, I would love to hike up to Machu Picchu to see the site in the early hours before the busloads of tourists arrive. Apparently the hike is a lot of hard work so I would need to train but it would be so worth it!

I promise I don’t just want to go to Mexico because I adore Mexican food and sombreros. They also have the most amazing sunsets in the world and I need really really really want to go ziplining in the jungle and snorkeling in the jungle lagoons.

My Australian cousins say that this is an incredible place. There are some amazing luxury hotels at budget prices and I soo want to visit some of the world’s most breath taking waterfalls and the ancient temples there.

American Road Trip
Taking an American Road Trip from east to west coast and along Route 66 is one of my goals in life. There are a ridiculous amount of things that I want to see and do in the US and ticking all of these off in one go would be the ultimate bucket list achievement (not sure if that is a thing but it is now!).

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