Monday, 4 May 2015

Festival Trends // Metallic Temporary Tattoos

This post is quite ironic for me because I’m not actually going to any festivals this year, nor have I ever been to one! I have always wanted to go but have never had the money at the time my friends were booking them so now I am saving up to go next year with a group of my friends. Coachella is the ultimate life goal but I think I will have to save that for another time and go for a more realistic option here in the UK, does anyone have any good festival recommendations? I am currently thinking Glastonbury or Reading or V Fest…

Anyway back to the main point of the post! How beautiful are these metallic temporary tattoos?! Even though I have never been to a festival before, I love festival trends and last month I religiously stalked the Coachella hashtag on Instagram to kid myself into believing that I was there too. This gorgeous style of foil transfer tattoos seemed to be everywhere, especially the arrow designs and the delicate lines that people applied to their fingers to make it look like they were wearing pretty and intricate rings. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to a festival, I had to get my hands on some for summer parties and sunny beach trips.

All the tattoos that I found online were either ridiculously expensive for just one sheet of transfers or not in the style that I was looking for so I gave up hope and when the Coachella hype died down I forgot that I even wanted them. After searching for them for so long and then giving up, I was shocked to see this beautiful set amongst the makeup stands at my local Superdrug. These are from a drugstore makeup brand called Lottie London that I had never seen before but these metallic transfers from the brand caught my attention right away. The fact that this was the last set on the stand didn’t help as it made me realise that these were selling fast so I made a bit of an impulse purchase and bought them! You can get them too here on Superdrug or here on Asos.

Since taking the photos for this post, I tried one of the small star tattoos on the back of my hand to test it for you guys. I can report back that these tattoos look even more beautiful on the skin than they do in the packet as the metallic-ness really comes through and the tattoos have a lovely subtle shimmer to them. It lasted pretty well too so you could put these on before leaving for a festival to avoid the faff of the application when you’re there and they would probably last a good couple of days before starting to fade. I already can’t wait to wear these in the summer to parties and to get my friends wearing them too!

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