Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Best Of My Bloglovin Feed

Reading amazing blogs for years was what encouraged to me to start writing my blog. I thought that writing my blog might leave me with less time to read my favourite blogs but if anything it has been the opposite as I try to immerse myself blogging community even more. I set aside a bit of time every morning (the one advantage of bus journeys to work) to read my Bloglovin feed. I have felt very inspired by fellow bloggers recently and the quality content that everyone is producing. So this week in place of my weekly favourites I have decided to do a round up of some great blog posts (old and new) that I have been loving this week. Get ready to fall in love with some more blogs…

Joy's amazing cinnamon swirl bread recipe popped up somewhere this week and encouraged me to make cinnamon swirls from scratch to buy a cinnamon swirl baking kit and bake the pure goodness that is pictured above. Someday I will take the non-lazy option and try Joy’s recipe!

Similarly I’m pretty sure I need these pizza rolls of heaven in my life, like right now.

And I discovered the recipe for these kiwi cocktails this week. Kiwis, limes and tequila? I'm in.

So moving on from my favourite food and drink posts, Jen from Beauty Junkie London wrote a great post this week about getting your mojo back. I feel like this is so relevant to me at the minute, I have a good feeling that May is going to be the month where I get my life back on track and Jen’s tips have kick started me into action!

This is random but I have a ridiculously big and round face that simply does not suit normal sunglasses and Anna has saved me from going blind this summer by finding these beautiful and affordable sunglasses that are big enough to even suit me. Everyone knows that Anna is my favourite blogger of all time as I mentioned here as she is always writing posts that are so darn relatable, basically she will always feature in these kinds of posts and I just want to be her pal. (Fan girl moment over).

Em from Em Talks is a Leeds Uni graduate and her extensive reviews of various restaurants in Leeds is how I first discovered her blog. Now I love her travel posts more than anything, and this recent one about her trip to Mexico gave me a serious case of wanderlust. That sunset can’t be real can it?

I loooove Hannah Gale’s list style blog posts and her ‘Thoughts Every Twenty-Something Girl Has’ has to be one of the most relatable posts ever. I have read it so many times now and it still makes me giggle and nod excessively every time I read it.

Another blog post that made me giggle was this one about irrational beauty fears. I couldn’t agree more about eyelash curlers being the most intimidating tool of all time!

So this isn’t technically a blog post but a Youtube video by the marvellous Essie Button. She has a great video series called ‘Button’s Bookshelf’ which is like an online book club and this week she was talking about Paper Towns by John Green which I read when I went to Cyprus on holiday. If you have read the book you will know that the ending is so frustrating but she explained how that was the whole point of the book - how it is about the journey, not the ending - which is a great motto for life too.

I recently discovered Google Trends which is a cool website that shows you what has been trending according to Google searches. I was really interested in the Top 10 Most Searched Beauty Questions in 2014 (hint – Monday’s post might be my answer to one of the questions on the list) and it seems like Hayley from London Beauty Queen was too as she has just started a series that will answer all of these questions. Such a good idea!

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