Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Prettiest Watch That I Ever Did See

I recently realised that I no longer wear much jewellery which is weird for me as I used to have a bracelet obsession and would wear as many as I could feasibly fit on my arm! Now the only thing you will see on my wrist is my beautiful Olivia Burton watch that I wear almost every single day so I thought it was only fair to write a post dedicated to my most favourite accessory.

Now there isn’t too much that you can say about a watch so I mainly want to let the photos speak for themselves. Yes it is a great watch, it tells the time and it looks beautiful on my wrist which are the only two things that I want it to do! I have the Big Dial Black and Rose Gold watch and I wouldn’t change it for the world, the black strap goes with everything that I wear (confession time – I am a monochrome obsessive and you will always see me wearing something black) and the rose gold face is a gorgeous detail that always finishes off my outfit perfectly. I would really recommend Olivia Burton as a brand, I adore their simple and chic watch designs and I am already looking into purchasing a more summery watch such as this powder blue one. Olivia Burton have designs available for all tastes, they have some really pretty watches with floral faces and a lot of their watches have smaller faces if you aren’t a fan of the big dial. I personally love it and think that anyone could find their perfect watch from here. I never used to get on with watches before I found this one and now I feel a bit naked when I’m not wearing it!

I would love to know if you guys wear watches and if so, which watch brands do you wear? I am so nosey!


  1. I love that watch so much- the rose gold is just amazing and I'll definitely have to check out some more Olivia Burton stuff :)

    1. It would suit you! I love rose gold and the details on this watch are just so beautiful :) definitely check it out if you are thinking of buying a watch xx


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