Thursday, 28 May 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #13

So apparently this is my 13th weekly favourites post! Despite 13 being an unlucky number, I had a brilliant week and I can’t wait to share some highlights with you. Roll on the weekly favourites…

My amazing aunty Emma (who is also the number one fan of my blog, hi Em!) gave me a lovely belated Easter gift at the weekend of this vintage looking decoration with my new favourite quote printed on it. I love the quote ‘everything starts with a dream’ because I have recently realised that it is so true! Just as one example, I was reading blogs and wishing that I could write one for years before I actually started mine in January. I kept thinking things like ‘no one will read it, people only like reading super popular blogs’ and it felt too farfetched to start my own. I couldn’t be happier that I changed my mind set and started blogging this year, it certainly was a dream of mine and now I have made it a reality. My blog doesn’t have a huge audience but it makes my day when my friends and family mention that they look forward to reading my blog or when I get a comment from someone that I don’t know saying that they found inspiration from a post that I wrote. I don’t want to get all preachy on you but if you have a crazy dream that you think will never come true, why not give it a go? The worst thing that can happen is that it won’t work out and you won’t be in any worse of a position than you are now. I have hung this gorgeous decoration on my door handle so I can remind myself to dream big every day for a daily boost of positivity!

2) My beautiful cousin Aurelia
It was my uncle’s 30th birthday last week so all of my family met up in my home town for a big celebration. The highlight of the whole weekend was seeing my almost nine month old cousin Aurelia who is the most beautiful baby in the world, not that I am biased at all. I hadn’t seen her since Christmas and I was amazed at how much she had progressed in that time, from being a tiny ball of cuteness to a beautiful baby girl. She absolutely loves crawling and attempting to walk now so we had to really keep an eye on her, I swear she moves faster than I can sometimes! My favourite part of the whole weekend was making the most out of cuddles with her and making her laugh. I don’t think looking after Aurelia gives me a realistic view of what looking after a normal baby would be like because she is the smiliest and happiest little girl and I don’t think I saw her cry once during the entire weekend. I am already having withdrawal symptoms from the cuddles!

Is this not the coolest thing you have ever seen? Toasted marshmallows remind me so much of bonfires and brownie camps and being outdoors but now there is a way to get the same experience inside! This marshmallow toasting kit from Not On The Highstreet comes with a gel burner, a choice of two marshmallow flavours and some skewers to spear the marshmallows with. The gel burner produces non-toxic flames so it is totally safe to pop in the middle of your dining room table to toast marshmallows from the comfort of your own home. I had never seen anything like this before, my dad bought the kit for my mum for their wedding anniversary and they very kindly agreed to share the marshmallows with my sister and me so we lucked in! We had passion fruit (my fave) and chocolate orange flavoured marshmallows and they tasted infinitely better after being toasted on the gel burner! I see this becoming a new DIY dessert trend like chocolate fondue sets and I for one am embracing it with open arms. I think I might have to order a few more flavours just so that I can test them out for you guys, the eton mess and salted caramel marshmallows seem to have my name on…

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