Thursday, 11 June 2015

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I am writing this post after getting inspiration from Essie Button and Hank Green's videos on their favourite feelings. From the title of 'favourite feelings', I thought that the videos would be about Estée and Hank's favourite emotions such as excitement or passion. In actual fact, their videos were all about the things that made them happiest in life and it made me want to share some of my favourite feelings with you guys too...

1) Getting into bed with freshly washed sheets
(and your favourite cuddly toy if you're as soppy as I am)

2) Cooking a homemade meal for friends and family that they really enjoy
(this pizza recipe always goes down well)

3) Doing something well when you try it for the first time
(I don't mean to brag but I recently found out that I have a natural skill for Wii Tennis *insert sassy girl emoji*)

4) When it is still light at 10pm and you feel like you can pack so much more into your day
(aka more trips to the pub)

5) Revealing a surprise that you have been keeping secret for a long time
(last Friday I got to tell my boyfriend that I'm taking him to Amsterdam for his 21st and his reaction was the best)

6) Seeing your loved ones succeed, especially when you have been able to help them along the way
(cheesey but true)

7) Realising that you already bought a back up of your favourite shampoo when you run out
(got to love it when past you does great things for future you)

8) Driving in the summer with the windows down and cheesey 90s tunes blasting
(until a wasp flies into the car and shit hits the fan)

9) Looking back at old photos with friends and reminiscing about the 'good old days'
(I am aware that this makes me sound like a preachy Grandma, I promise I'm only 20)

10) Discovering new places that you fall in love with when travelling
(like those beautiful secluded beaches that aren't on the tourist trail or quirky local restaurants that you won't find in any guide books)

I would love to hear about something that always puts a smile on your face!

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