Thursday, 18 June 2015

Best Birthday Present Idea (And Its Free)

So as a few of you may know, it was my boyfriend Ed's 21st birthday a couple of weeks ago and we had a lovely time celebrating his birthday. As 21 is such a big one, I wanted to get Ed something that he would remember forever so for his birthday I am taking us for a trip to Amsterdam in August! However I also got Ed another present that I made myself for almost nothing, and I think it meant even more to him than the holiday!

I made him a birthday scrapbook filled with photos and memories of us and our friends. He adored it and said that it made him feel very loved and appreciative that our friends and I would go to so much trouble to make something like this for him. Ed isn't a very sentimental person so I didn't know if he would really get the whole scrapbook thing but even he loved it and I still catch him flicking through it. It is something that I hope he will keep forever and I think it was the best gift that I have ever given anyone. So if you want to do the same for your boyfriend, best friend, sister or mum here are my top five tips for making a super special birthday scrapbook...

1) Include loads of photos
Photos are a great way to look back on the great times you have had together. Visual snapshots of some of your best times are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of whoever you are making the scrapbook for. And it is a huge bonus if you have any baby photos of them that you can include too!

2) Collect physical things to remind you of the fun things you have done together
This tip requires a bit of pre-thinking but if you are as much of a hoarder as I am, it will be a breeze. To make your scrapbook a bit more interesting than just photos and words, you can include things such as tickets from events that you have attended together, special cards that they have sent you in the past or leaflets from lovely places you have visited together. Ed really loved this bit as it reminded him of some amazing things that we have done together over the years!

3) Get your friends involved
This is another part of the birthday scrapbook that Ed really enjoyed. I asked some of his closest family and friends to write him birthday messages, like something that they would write in a birthday card, and I stuck them in with photos too. All of the messages were lovely and some of Ed’s friends even wrote him hilarious poems that really made him laugh! I think this part was actually Ed’s favourite part of the whole scrapbook as seeing all of the effort people went to in order to  wish him a happy birthday made him realise how loved he really is. I guess it is like the old fashioned method of having lots of people wish you happy birthday on Facebook! 

4) Include something about special plans you have for the future
As the rest of the scrapbook will include photos and memories of past times, it is a fun idea to include a part about your future plans. Ed and I want to go travelling together more than anything - we have two holidays planned for this year and after uni we want to take a year out to see the world together so I painted a watercolour map of the world and pinpointed some areas that Ed and I want to visit in the future. Including future plans that the two of you have together is a lovely way to finish your scrapbook!

5) Leave pages blank
Don’t forget to leave some blank pages at the end of your scrapbook. You and whoever you are making this scrapbook for have had loads of incredible times together in the past and you will have even better times to come in the future. If you leave some pages blank at the end of the book, you will be able to stick in even more photos and memories of the great times you have together.

 P.S. I got this beautiful map scrapbook from Paperchase, just in case you want to know!

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