Monday, 22 June 2015

Drugstore Dupe // Eyeshadow Palette Edition

My previous drugstore dupe posts (the shadow stick edition and the foundation edition) have been based on high street products that are almost identical to their premium counterparts. Today's post is a little different in the sense that I will be reviewing the Wet 'n' Wild Comfort Zone palette which I can't actually find a direct high end comparison to as none of the premium palettes that I own match up to the standard of this amazing drugstore one!

The first thing to note is that Wet 'n' Wild is an American brand (hence the Hershey's kisses in the photo, I got a bit carried away with the American theme soz) so I picked up this palette when I was in New York last year. It cost me $5 from Walgreens, which equates to about £3 - how incredible is that for a palette with 8 eyeshadows in?! I have found a UK seller on Amazon where you can buy the palette for £10 including delivery which is still really good value considering the quality of the product, but it is even better value for money if you can get it from the US.

Saying that, I am not the kind of person who likes to buy drugstore beauty products just because they are cheap. I need the quality to be there too, otherwise I would rather save up my pennies and invest them in more expensive products that actually get the job done. However there is no need to worry about the quality of these Wet 'n' Wild shadows, they are very creamy in texture so they blend over the lids like a dream. They actually have a very similar consistency to the Urban Decay eyeshadows that I own but with less fall out so they are even easier to apply, bonus points to Wet 'n' Wild there.

All of the shades (bar the lime green one which is the only shade that I don't use) are well pigmented and you can create all kinds of neutral eye looks with different combinations of the bronzes and taupes in the palette. My favourite shade is in the bottom right corner of the palette as the colour is unlike any other eyeshadows that I own. I have heard that this deep mauvey brown colour with the turquoise shimmer running through it is very similar to the cult Blue Brown pigment from MAC but I don't own it myself so I can't compare. What I do know however is that smudging this shade into my lower lash line with lots of bronzer and big lashes is the closest that I get to introducing colour to my face for summer. Don't get me wrong, I have a distinct memory of wearing three different shades of green eyeshadow on my 13th birthday and thinking I was the bee's knees so I haven't always been afraid to experiment with colour. I'm just so used to doing my standard black winged liner on a daily basis that I feel a little sense of achievement if I do anything different with my eye makeup, let alone wearing a slightly turquoise shadow!

For the neutral lovers/colour phobes out there like me, this palette is amazing for creating natural eye looks and trying out subtle hints of colour at the same time. And please let me know if any of you lovely bunch find a use for the lime green shade! I have tried to make it work but whenever I wear it all I can see is my 13 year old self looking back at me in the mirror (trust me, not a good look) so I haven't exactly found a way to pull it off yet...

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