Thursday, 4 June 2015


I recently discovered my new favourite online shop for jewellery and accessories, LVNDR, and I had to share with you why I love it so much.

First of all, one of my favourite bloggers runs LVNDR which is how I was introduced to it in the first place. Em from Em Talks is a brilliant blogger (I have already raved about her inspiring travel posts here) but that's not all that I love about her. She also went to the University of Leeds which is where I go so I feel like we have that in common, she always replies to my questions on Twitter when I ask her anything and she just seems like a generally lovely person. And of course, she owns LVNDR which is my new favourite shop!

As you might be able to tell, I'm a big fan of Em's so I really wanted to try out some pieces from LVNDR to support her. However, I am so impressed with the shop because of the service and products that I will keep going back because of the quality of the shop itself, not just because it is run by Em.

So now you're probably thinking 'just get to the point Jess and stop rambling' so I will. The main thing that I love about LVNDR is their cute and delicate jewellery bits that are always on trend (I am never on trend so wearing their jewellery is how I stay semi stylish!). I adore the rings that can be stacked and their beautiful friendship bracelet style pieces. I ordered one of their new tassel bracelets as pictured above and I think it is the perfect summer accessory, so much so that I have ordered the other colour of it too and I am now waiting for it to arrive so I can wear them together! Another lovely detail about LNVDR is how beautifully they wrap your purchases. I opened my parcel expecting to see my bracelet in a clear plastic bag with my order confirmation but it was actually in this lovely lilac (or lavender hence the name LVNDR) tissue paper with twine and inside that, my bracelet was wrapped a striped pick and mix style bag! It was such a lovely detail that I really appreciated and it made me feel like I had really treated myself. I can't wait to order some more pieces as gifts too seeing as their wrapping is 10000% better than mine and I know my friends will adore their jewellery! The final thing that I love about LVNDR is their fab prices. Em set up the business while she was a student at university and I think this really had an impact on the fact that LVNDR has a real focus on affordable quality. My pretty tassel bracket was under £6 and many of the rings and earrings are around £3-£4. This honest pricing carries through to the delivery costs too which are just 89p for second class delivery and £1.29 for first class delivery to the UK which is incredible seeing as most places charge around a fiver for delivery these days. They also do international shipping for those of you who don't live in the UK!

All in all, I couldn't be a bigger fan of LVNDR and to all my friends and family who read my blog -  a lot of you will be receiving some lovely pieces from LVNDR as gifts on your next birthdays! Check them out if you love affordable fashion accessories, with their prices, service and products you really have nothing to lose!

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