Monday, 29 June 2015

The Three Minute Fake Tan That I Really Wanted To Work

Has anyone else heard about St Tropez’s newest fake tan offering that they recently added to their range? This month they released the world’s first in-shower tanning lotion and I needed wanted to try it as soon as it hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago. I am a girl who has had many tanning disasters in the past so I am always on the lookout for a completely foolproof fake tanning method that even I can get on with, and I thought that the new St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion might be the answer to all my prayers.

The way this product works is really simple and clean (unlike a lot of tanning methods) and I love the idea behind it. All you need to do is take this product into the shower with you, wash like you normally would, apply the tanning lotion to the areas you want to bronze up, leave for three minutes, rinse off and a gradual tan should develop in the hours after application. This sounded like a dream for me as one of my biggest problems with fake tan is the orange residue that I get all over my sheets when I leave tan to develop overnight so when I heard that you could rinse this tanning lotion’s residue away instantly I had to buy it.

When I first carried out the above process, everything was fine until I had to stand around freezing my bits off out of the shower for three minutes. It doesn’t sound like a long time but three minutes doing nothing feels like an eternity (that could just be me though because I always have to be doing something otherwise I get bored!). After applying it for a couple of days however I learnt that I could use those three minutes to hop out of the shower and clean my teeth so I didn’t mind the three minute wait as much after that, and it seemed like a very minimal inconvenience compared to my usual lengthy tanning routine. The lotion itself felt very moisturising on the skin too which was lovely and the smell was pleasant whilst I was applying it in the shower, without even a hint of the usual fake tan biscuity-ness.

However that all changed the morning after I applied it for the first time, when I woke up smelling like a digestive factory and I had no tan at all to show for it! The tan is gradual so I knew I would have to apply it over a few days to get a real effect but I was expecting at least a tint of colour to my skin and there was nothing at all. So I carried on with the process for an entire week and I still did not see a tan develop on my skin whatsoever, even after applying the lotion for five days solid. St Tropez does say that this is a subtle tan for pale skins but I am as pale as they come (seriously, my friends have to put sunglasses on so they are not blinded by my white legs when I wear skirts in the summer) and even I couldn’t notice any difference in the colour of my skin. Two of my friends who have a similar skin tone to me have also been trying this fake tan out and have said the same thing so I don’t think it is just me either!

All in all, I love the theory of this fuss free tan but the results just aren’t there. Applying this in the shower for a few minutes each day was an easy step to add into my routine but a bit pointless seeing as I wasn’t getting a tan out of it in the end! To anyone that has a darker skin tone than me this would definitely be a no go but maybe try it out if you are paler than me. If anyone has achieved good results with this product I would love to know if I am doing anything wrong because I still have a whole bottle of the stuff to use up! Until then, I probably won’t be using it again and the search for the perfect fake tan continues…

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