Thursday, 25 June 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #14

So how is everyone's week going? I have had a lovely week so far with lots of new favourite things to update you on...

1) Miracle peonies
Now I have never had peonies before so I don't know how long they usually last but this bunch that my boyfriend bought me two weeks ago seems to have lasted exceptionally well and they are still going strong! Even with the usual lack of care that I give to plants (I couldn't even keep a cactus alive for a month), these peonies have hung on in there and are looking even more beautiful than when Ed first gave them to me. I am so used to these brightening up my room now that I may have to keep repurchasing them when this bunch eventually dies. I saw on Twitter that Aldi are selling peony bunches for just £3 which is both good news and bad news - good news because getting pretty flowers for such a bargain makes me v happy but bad news because they are enabling my new found flower addiction! And trust me, I have enough addictions (MAC lipsticks, Toffee Crisps, Big Brother and any marble homeware in case you were wondering) to keep me occupied! How about you guys, is there anything that you are hopelessly addicted to?

2) Holiday Cottages blog
The lovely people at Holiday Cottages have written a great blog post about some of the best picnic spots in the UK with a bit of help from some top bloggers who have divulged their favourite picnic locations. I was lucky enough to be featured in the post which you can read here to find out where my favourite picnic spot of all time is! I would also say that if you are looking to rent a holiday cottage for summer I would thoroughly recommend trying these guys out, their website is super easy to use as you can customise a whole host of preferences to find your perfect property. Their employees are also really lovely and willing to help with everything, especially Katy who I worked with on the above blog post.

(I haven't been paid to say this by the way, I used Holiday Cottages to book a holiday two years ago before I even started this blog and they were fantastic so I just wanted to share them with you!)

3) Tie dying everything that I own
So you know I mentioned a list of my addictions earlier? I forgot to include my new obsession with tie dye (I think I have reverted into my 7 year old self). The ridiculous thing is that I don't even really like how tie dye looks, it's just fun to do and I can't stop! I am now the owner of loads of tie dyed pillow cases that I don't know what to do with because I love playing around with lots of different colours and see how they all come out! Anyone interested in a tie dyed tea towel just holla, I've got a stash!

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