Monday, 6 July 2015

The Only Nail Polishes You Need This Summer

I am the first to admit that I usually jump on the band wagon with hyped up products as I love trying out new products to see how they work for me and how they could work for you guys, my readers! However these Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail polishes have been on my radar for a few months and I didn't feel the need to try them until recently... But I am very glad that I did!
  I am a loyal Essie fan through and through and with such a huge range of colours to choose from with Essie, I didn't think I would ever need to try another nail varnish brand again! Saying that, Barry M are renowned for their beautiful budget polishes with their famous jelly and glitter ranges so I anticipated that the new speedy dry varnishes would be equally as good. However I just didn't feel the need to try them out for myself until I saw my sister Megan sporting the most stunning shade Eat My Dust - a pale dusky blue - on her nails. If the colour wasn't enough, Megs convinced me that the formula of the polish was fab too (so fab that she has now bought almost the entire shade range) so I made my way down to Boots for a cheeky 3 for 2 purchase of the polishes the next day.

I bought three different colours (Eat My Dust - as mentioned before, Road Rage - a subtle minty green and Lap of Honour - a pale girly lavender) from the pastel range as they all looked very fresh and summery. I don't usually lean towards gentle pastel colours over brights for my nails because I get flashbacks of primary school when I used to paint tippex on my nails whenever I have worn pastel shades in the past! However these new Barry M polishes give just the right hint of colour to avoid the dreaded tippex scenario whilst still being light, pretty and subtle on the nails. The three polishes that I have are all lovely - the perfect kind of colourful off-white shades that look good with any outfit. My favourite shade is still Eat My Dust which was the colour that I fell in love with initially and led me to purchase all of the polishes in the first place!

As the name suggests, the formula is quick drying which is great for those times when I need to paint my nails in a hurry, which seems to be every time I paint my nails actually! These polishes paired with my unbeatable basecoat/topcoat combination (Orly Bonder basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat in case you are wondering) make for nails that dry in minutes and last an entire week. And I really mean that! I don't see myself wanting to wear any other nail polishes over the summer and I'm very happy that I have these in my life, especially at £3.99 a piece. Saying that, I do kind of want a coral nail varnish for my holiday to Malta in September... If anyone has any recommendations please comment below!


  1. These all look like such lovely shades and it's great to know they live up to the hype too! I think the blue might be my favourite as well, but I adore all pastel shades like these :)

    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

    1. They really do live up to the hype, I would thoroughly recommend them :) Barry M have recently added some bright shades to the range too but I just love the pastel colours! What are you favourite nail polishes usually? Xx


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