Monday, 13 July 2015

The Perfect Journal For Busy/Lazy Girls And Guys

Ever since I was a little girl I have tried to write diaries but I have never had the motivation to keep them going for much longer than a week before getting bored or just forgetting to write in them! Because of my history of inconsistent diary keeping I am quite surprised that I have never missed a blog post upload yet. The thing that keeps me posting so regularly on here is that you lovely lot, my small and beautiful audience, rely on me to upload posts every Monday and Thursday. I have really enjoyed writing my blog as a record of lots of great things I have done this year and it has made me realise that I want to keep a physical diary too as who knows if blogs will still be around in ten years time… Someone told me that iPads weren’t even around five years ago which shows just how quickly technology moves on!

Like I mentioned I have tried and failed to keep traditional diaries where you write a little summary of your life each day as it is just too time consuming for daily use. A little while back my friend Lissie told me about this 5 year Q and A journal that she has been writing in for a couple of years and it sounded right up my street. I asked for one for my birthday last year and since then I have been writing in it each day which proves just how easy it is!

The concept behind this little gold diary is that each page has a different question for you to answer for each of the 365 days of the year. I bought into this concept straight away because I love answering questions and it gives you a different topic to talk about each day which is especially great for those days when inspiration is lacking and you wouldn’t know what to write about otherwise! The thing that really sets this journal apart from others though is the fact that each page is split into five sections (as you can see in the last photo) so you answer the same questions each year for five years and you can see how your answers change over time. As I have only been writing the diary for a few months, I haven’t reached the stage where I can see my previous answers yet but I can’t wait to! I think it will be fascinating to find out how I was feeling at that time last year, and in five years time I am sure I will be laughing/cringing at everything that I am writing now!

This little diary ticks all the boxes for me. It is tiny (A5 size) so I can carry it round with me easily but it still lasts for five whole years, it is a pretty gold which is my second favourite colour after pink and it is so easy and enjoyable to write in. Because you only have three lines to write each answer, you are forced to keep your answers short and snappy so it only takes me about 30 seconds to complete each day. Also, the questions don’t always relate to the specific day that they are being asked so I sometimes save up all my questions for a week and answer them all in one go which makes things even easier.

If you want to keep a diary but find that you just don’t have time to write something original each day this journal could be for you. Or if you just like answering questions you would probably love it too! I don’t want to give all the questions away in case any of you decide to get one of these fab journals but to give you an idea of what to expect, I will finish today’s blog post with three of my favourite questions that I have been asked so far…

‘What was your most recent act of generosity?’

‘What advice would you give to your childhood self?’

And to round everything off with a very deep and meaningful question…
‘What is your favourite ice cream flavour?’

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