Monday, 20 July 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #15

Normally I like to upload this type of post on a Thursday but I had such a fabulous weekend that I couldn't wait to share it with you guys straight away. Here are some of my favourite things that have happened this week...

1) My cousin's Christening
Now I am not hugely religious but it was my gorgeous cousin Aurelia's Christening yesterday and I had the best time. My family are very close but it is very rare that we are all together at the same time so it was lovely to spend a whole day with everyone (and almost a whole day cuddling Aurelia!). She looked adorable in a beautiful Christening dress that has been passed down through the generations of my family - I even wore it to my Christening! Everyone in my family is absolutely enchanted with Aurelia, she is such a lovely baby and she didn't even grizzle when the Priest poured the holy water over her head. Afterwards we all went for a yummy meal out at a local pub to celebrate and I may have had one too many G&Ts as I was feeling a bit light headed on my train back to Nottingham in the evening, whoops. It might even be Christmas by the time that all of the family are back together in one place so we really made the most of this weekend and had a fab time!

2) Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea
I also went to my friend Nina's 21st birthday this weekend and let me tell you, that girl knows how to throw a good party! Her dad is the headmaster of a boarding school and her family actually live in the school so every year she throws amazing parties in the school grounds once all the kids are on holiday. The sun was shining so we spent all day outside in the school's beautiful gardens having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party like in Alice in Wonderland! Nina went all out with the theme - she served cocktails out of tea pots, fairy cakes baked in tea cups and attached little eat me/drink me labels to everything. It was literally the most Pinterest thing I have ever seen in my life, she even painted some of the white roses in her garden red like the Queen of Hearts requests in the book and set up a game of flamingo croquet just like Alice plays. We all had such an amazing time pretending to be the real life versions of Lewis Carroll's characters that I want to have a Mad Hatters tea party for my 21st now too!

3) Curling my hair with straighteners
So this one is a bit random but this week I had an epiphany about about curling my hair by using straightens (yes I know that I am about 10 years late to the party with this one!). I have seen my friends successfully curling their hair with straighteners for years but I have only tried and failed in the past. Up until now I have always been more of a curling tongs girl because I could always rely on them giving me curls instead of an awful crimped effect that I seemed to get when using straighteners. However I forgot my tongs when I went home this weekend and I wanted to curl my hair so I turned to my favourite beauty gurus to see if they had any tips for curling hair with straighteners. I found this gem of a video from Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup where she shows a super easy curling method that even I could follow! I actually prefer how my hair looked after curling it with straighteners as it looked much more casual and beachy than when I curl it with tongs. I love a good multitasking product so I am super excited that I now only need straighteners for every hairstyle that I wear!

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